Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden - Pakistan In The Hot Seat

For almost as many years as Osama Bin Laden was on the run, I had always suspected he would be hiding in Pakistan. It looks like the US did too and they finally zeroed down and caught someone they had been hunting down relentlessly for 10 years. I am surprised it took them so long but glad that they finally did.

Pakistan will now have to do some explaining for being rather irresponsible with the way it deals with certain issues. It is common knowledge that Dawood Ibrahim lives there but nobody can do anything about it, least of all India. Wonder what will happen to the USA - Pakistan relationship now. If the USA does not call off its famous war on terror with Osama's elimination, is might decide to dig deeper in Pakistan where it may find some more connections. However the US may have to tread carefully because most of this could have been funded by it - given as grants and loans to Pakistan over the years. Billions of tax payers' dollars that it gave away to Pakistan in the first place, followed by more money that it spent in countering the effect of the money it gave in the first place. It does appear that there is no one dumber than the tax payer in the world because he is the one who is financing everything!

Now to see the next constructive activity that the USA finds to spend the tax payers money!

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