Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vandalism or Street Art

I saw this news item in the DC a few months ago about how public property was being vandalised by youngsters on bikes. I saw some creative minds speak up vociferously in support of this by terming it as street art, an expression of angst. I have heard of such things in foreign countries, I heard that such things also happen in posh localities.

But I had a close encounter with it today. I saw some of this vandalism in our colony - four cars were spray painted by these artists. Call it what you will, to me it is vandalism. Of course they were choosy too - preferably cars with a light colour so the art shows up well, also a preference to slightly bigger cars. I do wish these artists are given access to the cars of the creative minds who support this street art. You have a willing canvas - so use it!

The response of the SI in the police station after he saw the pictures and heard us out was priceless. 'What do you want us to do?' I hope someone out in the police department tells these guys what they could do.

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