Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shor In the City - Movie Review

Saw the reviews of this movie in Pune and decided to watch it on priority basis - even over Dum Maro Dum and Chalo Dilli. More so when I discovered that this director duo of Raj-Krishna had earlier made 99 which I watched and completely loved. It was fun and whacky with Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Khemu as small time crooks who get stuck in something big and need to get out by some quick thinking!

What I read about 'Shor In The City' was something like that but the reviewer went to town praising it to the skies. And it pretty much matched that. SITC is unlike any other Mumbai movies you have seen despite the gangs and the guns and the Ganapati festivals all being very much part of the script. I also found the Mumbai they showed very relatable because they move in the areas that I move in - the main roads, the bandstands, the locals etc. It left me feeling quite nice and well, I can watch it again.

It has three main stories and a few sub stories. Three small time crooks Tilak (Tusshar Kapoor), Mandook and another guy (the Mandook character is hilarious) have some totally absurd plans like kidnapping a best selling author and stealing his manuscript so they can pirate it, or stealing a bag with some sophisticated guns and bombs in it by mistake (and wanting to see how RDX explodes). Then the Under 22 cricketer who fears he is not good enough to get selected and tries to raise money to bribe the selector by robbing a bank. He also has a love story that is going nowhere except add to his tensions. Then there is the NRI who can speak only American English and just a smattering of Hindi who wants to set up a small business but gets stuck with a small time extortion gang. And finds love in a model. It all winds down to a fine climax with fine twists and turns and and neat little ending. Loved the song 'Saibo' and the music generally. Tushaar's fling with literature and philosophy is fun. Generally good timepass! Certainly worth a watch. Good show Raj-Krishna guys.

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