Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's an ad, mad world - Nokia, tension mat le yaar

The new Nokia 'tension mat le yaar' or something to that effect definitely causes me tension. What's the purpose of the ad? Somebody please help me.

The ventriloquist and bemused sportsmen

So there is a team of cricketers who are apparently not doing too well because the owner of the team is giving them some valuable tips on how to go about what they know best. Now to help them out he has hired an excellent bunch of experts from all over the place - an old lady who makes good lassi, a champi tel maalish chap and so on. These chaps give out their advise to the cricketers and the owner becomes the medium as he gives them a tel maalish and lassi and what not. Now this owner has some powers of ventriloquism which he uses and amuses the bemused cricketers. How much this new method works we do not know because the team is still hanging out there at the bottom someplace. Maybe its time the team owner got some better advise.

And its probably time for Nokia also to come up with something better than just have SRK and the team of cricketers and a line that says tension mat le yaar or something like that. Did no good to anyone - Nokia, SRK, the cricketers or the KKR team if you ask me. Trashy campaign for Nokia. As for KKR, they better take more pride and be a little less self-deprecating - even if its for ads.

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