Monday, May 2, 2011

Pune-Hyderabad - Road Blues

The drive from Pune to Solapur once again took a little more than 5 hours which is very irritating - not because of the road work for the 4 laning of that road but for the lack of vision by the authorities for so many years. The traffic is dense, with heavy vehicles transporting all sorts of stuff, mainly heavy engineering goods and all they have is a two lane road that is so narrow that one has to see it to believe it. All these trucks negotiate the road and now the new hazards of the road work carefully and many times vehicles get adventurous because they have no patience in travelling behind these big trucks anymore. I saw one ridiculous sight about 20 vehicles, trucks, multi crore SUVs and luxury cars included, following as a convoy led by one tractor that was carrying sugarcane. They could not get out of line because there was much traffic in the opposite direction and they all followed the tractor patiently. I am seriously wondering if there is a state highway that bypasses the Solapur - Pune road and if there is and in decent condition, its worth taking it even if it is slightly longer.

The difference between that 250 km stretch  and the part after Solapur becomes so evident that one gets to breathe and drive comfortably. Enter Karnataka and the road becomes so much more better, wider and driver friendly. But the best part of the drive in terms of the road and not scenic beauty is once you hit Andhra Pradesh where the carpet is even, lush and makes driving a pleasure. Save for the village traffic which crowds you, this is the best part of the journey.

But once again there were so many shades of gulmohurs that takes your breath away - from a pale orange to a deep red that looks breathtaking against the other shades of green or even the blue of the skies.


Hmmm said...

Hey, can you write something about how you manage to finish through your books. I have been struggling to get something (not a novel,but a close relative) finished. Gradually, but definitely, it seems to have started affecting the way I get other things done! May be your notes/post could help...or even better (even though I'm not sure how you'll take this) please do become my guide!How nice it would be!(You dont necessarily have to publish this)

Harimohan said...

Hmmm, I could share my thoughts on how I go about it, no problem. But let me know where you're getting stuck so we can talk about it. Mail me at if you want to.