Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anjali - On Being Thankful

We had just gone up four floors in an elevator and were getting off when Anjali told us how nice it was that lifts take us to whichever house we want to go. I had never looked at lifts like that, always taking them and their convenience for granted and at best complaining about how long they took and such other regular cribs. So it was a nice perspective to see lifts as those conveniences or associates or even those equipment that are exclusively looking to get you from one place to another.
But that was not all.
Happy with life!

'I love lifts,' she said, looking with great love at the lift as it headed off someplace busily transporting another person to another house. It is at such moments that I realise how thankless I am and how much for granted I take so many things in my life. No wonder they say that gratitude is the key to everything. Thanks Anjali!  

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