Friday, April 8, 2011

Anti-Corruption Walk at KBR - My First Gandhi Topi

This morning me and Ramaraju joined a walk conducted by the Hyderabad Adventure Club at the KBR in support of the fast by Anna Hazare. We landed up right on time at six and found a small group gathered there. Ranjan Sood, an ex-Ranji Trophy player for the Services and a league player who represented IAF during my school days (he was the first Ranji player I played against back in 1982), was at the helm of affairs. When my friend Anirudh Basu told me that he was Ranjan Sood I figured it might be him and so it turned out.

Anyway it was a nice motley group of young and old, adventurous and non-adventurous and we all gathered quietly, held some banners and put on the Gandhi caps and walked away in silence. I guess we walked some halfway on the outside and walked back from the outside from the Cancer Hospital route, distributing some caps along the way. People were cheering, waving and some even joined. The group came back to the KBR main gate where some sloganeering was going on and a bit more crowd had joined. I was not sure what the agenda was after that and me and Ramaraju decided to discontinue the walk with the sloganeers and went off to continue our walk. On the way back we realised that the group had grown nigger and they were now heading towards the Jubilee Hills Checkpost with a sense of purpose. A few media people were there as well and several others could be seen joining the group.

The walk is on tomorrow as well at the KBR Main Gate at 6 a.m. from what I gathered. I propose to go again. It's nice to be part of the group (long as they walk along quietly). Slogan shouting bores me. For me this was a first though - walking in some kind of a march. Hmmm.

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