Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colours of Summer

Ah, summers!
This tree below and its cascading bloom of yellow is one of the most eye catching in summer (the picture does no justice)! Viewed against the sky, it seems like a waterfall of gold coins.
A profusion of yellow cascading from the heavens! 

I have no clue what this tree is but it lays down a carpet of yellow gold on the road. It really looks stunning in its thick, lush layer.
Perfect on the tree, a thick carpet on the road!

The Gulmohur and its bright red always makes me stop and stare! It bursts on you with a gaiety that shocks you, an immodesty that makes you wonder!
A gulmohur, not yet in full bloom

This is not it - but watch a jacaranda in full bloom against a blue summer sky. It takes your breath away!
Jacaranda, a colour that I find exotic

What ever is this red flower?

And this that holds its own against such beauty!


Dr. Ranjani said...

Great pics! Almost makes me like summer!!

Harimohan said...

Ehanks Ranjani. But these pics really don't do justice. Let me see if I can get some good ones of jacarandas and other such stuff.