Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Gem From Dhoni - It's Simple

This morning I read another gem from Dhoni in the newspapers. He said 'Cricket is a simple game really. It is only by thinking too much into it that we complicate things.'

That is so true of life itself isn't it? We complicate what is really a simple thing. And we get what we look for  - the one who looks for simple things finds it simply and the one who looks for complications finds it. And that is the paradox of it all, it is difficult to make it look simple. The difficulty is in the preparation, in obtaining the clarity and then presenting it in a simple manner. Ah, to see such professionalism and expertise in our country is a treat!

So many times, in life and cricket, we win and lose matches and situations in our own mind. We conjure situations, weigh expectations, see statistics and succumb to our preconceived notions. But if we focus only on what we can do, prepare for it well and then just stay true to your preparation irrespective of the bedlam that's surrounding you, more often than not you find doors opening. Miracles happening. And taht is what this young lad from Almora is saying. Don't fight the demons in your head. It's pretty simple really. Prepare, go and act as the situation unfolds.

This is going to be the most famous mantra for the future, this four letter word KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid!


Prasanna Kumar said...

Right on the money hari.

Sometime back one of my friend was asking to take all the complicated things that happened in life and dig deep into that to find out how they become complicated., and the root cause., most of the time its us who make them complicated.

So better to stick to the mantra KISS :)

Harimohan said...

Yes Prasanna. Easier said than done but that's it!