Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Indian World Cup Win - Lessons to Us All

Now that India has won the World Cup it is time for us to follow suit. Unlike the 1983 World Cup this was a win that went almost as per script. This time was not hoping to win, it wanted to win, played to win and made it come true. It is always harder when you are the favourites, when you have to deliver. But true professionalism is when you deliver when it is expected of you.

So like the Indian team, we need to spell out our goals and get set to achieve the highest peaks in our respective fields. If anything, this team that looked so patchy in the earlier rounds, old and , has given me a new energy to focus on my goals and my dreams. If this team of stars, egos, unfit players and most importantly inconsistent players can raise the game the way they did at every occasion, we can too. If they can show the burning desire to win as they did in the final and in the earlier two matches, I can too. And now after it is all done, I am more than convinced that this team's greatest lesson to anyone is its preparation, its acceptance of its limitations and the way it used itself in the best way it can. If they can win a World Cup in four years, we can do something equally good for ourselves!

In my opinion all the members of the 2007 team burned with the ignominy of that defeat. None more so than the highly combative S.R. Tendulkar. Instead of finishing his career in a blaze of glory, he was heading downward. In his mind he must have made up his mind to correct at the very next World Cup. Since then, I am sure, much of his thought, act and preparation must have gone into how to get his hands on World Cup 2011. He would have burned with that thought many times. Again, I will hazard a guess, but I do think that his focus and commitment at his age and experience must have pushed many younger players into following suit. If Sachin can do it, I must!
And so must we also rise, from our personal levels of mediocrity and set our sights on something truly magnificent. Forget the past and set yourself a big goal! They had four years - we can s take the same number of days, a 1000 odd days!

So, for us it begins with a goal.

  • A big, juicy, ambitious goal.
  • A time frame - 1000 days
  • A mad desire to achieve it for oneself and for a greater cause - the country, the people etc - mostly those who have written you off as a failure are truly our greatest motivators because they provide the first spark
  • A clear visualisation of what you wish to achieve - the Cup in your hand
  • A plan - take as much time as you can but get all the details right
  • A process - stick to it
  • A team that is supportive - cut out the naysayers
  • A team that backs your mad dream no matter what
  • A team that pushes you to be your best - even if they are critical they must be pushing you to be better
  • A team that trusts you and that you trust- tough to get but get it
  • A team that works together
  • A preparation that keeps you always focussed on your goal, not on the past or the future
  • A schedule of actions that makes you the best you can be, that pushes you to improve each time
  • A building of belief as you go through the process - belief that will come to your aid when things look bleak
  • A desire to achieve no matter what - sweat, blood, tears - big things need big efforts, big sacrifices
Thanks Gary Kirsten, Paddy Upton, Sachin, Dhoni and company for living it and showing us how to go for glory!