Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dhoni - The Good Guys End Up First

When CSK won the IPL 4 yesterday it was indeed fitting that the team also won the Fairplay award. Thanks to some wonderful role models in politics, in every field these days - we are used to believing that the good guys always end up last. It is even more unfortunate that the current generation seems to have more and more proof that the good guys always end up last.

In my lectures and workshops I always find it difficult to give examples of people winning fair and square, winning by using the right ethics. I believe that one can - call me naive but I do - that with more transparency one can make money, attain success, ethically in the new world.  Unfortunately in the past few years, specially in the corporate world, in politics, in success stories - there have been very few examples that one can give that a company or person has been ethical in its/his growth. I used to cite the  Tata's as an example with its code of ethics, the IT sector, but how can one defend them after the  Radia and 2G affair, the Satyam scam?

Most MBAs I meet are openly sceptical that anyone can build a business empire ethically and I do not blame them - they have no clear role models.  The youngsters (several of them) believe that we have to use the system - fairly or unfairly - and the only objective is to win. In a world where the good examples are few and even those good examples are falling everyday, Dhoni goes and does it  and sets a wonderful example in what is probably the most transparent example - winning a game of unpredictable, high voltage cricket like T20 through fair practices and good deployment of skill. Winning the IPL and also the Fair Play Award. Come on all you guys out there listen up when the man from Krypton emphasizes this very attribute on another big night in his life - 'that one can play fair and win as well.'

Many teams in the IPL, and across the world can learn so much from this. Not just teams, many individuals who have chosen the ethical path, can now just feel a little more comfortable. It is not that the bad guys only win - the good guys also win. And when they win, they win a lot of respect and love. That is the quality of a true winner. And once again one must thank MSD for giving many who have tread the lonely path hope, and for giving me a wonderful example to cite in my lectures and interactions, that one can win fair and sqaure.

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