Thursday, December 3, 2020

Walks and Runs in Kothrud

 The entire 36 days in Pune recently were made so much more pleasurable thanks to the weather, the conducive roads for walks and runs, and the most pleasurable company of Milind who would take me on his walks. One day we would walk past Daharnukar colony, Mahatma Society and touch the highway connecting Bombay and Bangalore, now Mumbai and Bengaluru. Another day we would go into the gullies of Karve Nagar and I would get lost in the many turns and twists. One day he took me up the hill near the Mahatma Society, the one which Satish and I normally take when we would visit Pune together. After Milind left for the USA, I stuck to the straight and narrow road that led to the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway. The walks are beautiful with lovely trees, dimpled sunlight and a great feel.

7ish at Milind's house - stop for a cup of tea and off we go.

A red flower tangled in wires.
Walking with Suhita and Milind - I jumped ahead to click.

The road between Cummins and the hillside.

The narrow road between Smritivan and Cummins.

The road curving through the Dahanukar park.

Milind clicking a selfie with Suhita and me.

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