Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Thought for the Day - Feeling Down? Love Yourself!

 Feeling down? Feeling let down? Confused? Stressed?

It's time to give yourself some love.

Almost all the above symptoms are influenced by others, by the external. One way to counter this is to take back the power, like they say, and switch to default mode. Yourself.

Put yourself face to face with yourself. Ask how you would treat yourself in that situation. Treat yourself the best you can. Be gentle, take yourself out for a walk, buy something nice, play something nice, do something nice for yourself.

The default mode - you and yourself.

With a little practice we should be ok with ourselves. And then we won't need anyone else. And then everyone wants us.

But first, practice the default mode and give yourself some serious love. If we can't meet our own expectations, who will?

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