Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Anjali - The Art of Saying Just the Right Thing

 I realised for a while now how Anjali says just the right thing when I need it. The earliest I remember is when I asked her how I was doing with my TED talk after giving her my first full length trial and she listened intently and after a lousy presentation said - 'Very good Nanna.' It was such a boost for me.

And so many more times. I ask her how I am doing or looking and she somehow says just the right thing I want to hear. And as always I was in a dilemma just before the Pune trip, wondering if my back will hold and if Carlos will handle the drive well. 

Without a doubt she said - ''Of course Nanna, you will be fine. You are so fit now after all the running etc. And Carlos will certainly drive well. We will go only in Carlos or not at all.'' 

Just what I needed. Decision made.

Just today I heard her talking to her mother who is hassled about a bunch of things to do. So Anjali goes up to her, hugs her and says.

'I love you ma. You are doing so many things and doing them so well. You are doing a great job ma.'

And I thought that I could be saying the same things too because I know Shobhs is hassled but I don't say it or my thought does not go there at all. And just the right things too.

Apart from these, I hear Anjali say these words a lot more these days - I love you, thank you sooo much, happy birthday (just like that), happy new year (even before the new year), I am sooo happy etc. And she does seem happy doing whatever she is doing.

But coming back to the original theme, its such a fine art, this being thoughtful sensing exactly what the other person wants to hear and saying it. It can make a world of difference to that person. When a person is in distress, think of what will give them strength and say that and it can change things.

Thank you Anjali. 


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