Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Pune Diaries - Trekking Up Simhagad

 A trek up Simhagad is always a pleasure. Winter mornings add a particular excitement to it and the challenge of the hill is always something to look forward for. So when Parth and Maria, our old partners in crime in these treks, proposed the idea, I was all game for it and so were the other members of the party. This would be a first for Anjali whose year began with an excursion to Pench and looks like it might end on a bright note with a trek up Simhagad.

Off we went at 630 am and first stopped at Khadakvasla lake to gaze at the serene lake and then drove off to Simhagad. 

 A hot cup of chai at the phata where the road splits and then we were off.

The road was full of trekkers, of people wanting the Simhagad experience and you can make out the regulars, the non-regulars, young kids walking up, young kids cycling up, families, old people, young ones. 

The air was sharp and the day was beautiful so the traffic and the unexpected number of people didn't bother us too much. Up there on the fort we ate some hot onion pakoda, ate the matka curds, drank some hot chai. Aah heaven!

Anjali liked her first trek up Simhagad and made plans to trek up every time she visits Pune.

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