Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Anjali - 10 Signs of Growing Up

 Now that she is thirteen I see signs of growing up from the new teen at home.

1. After a gruelling climb yesterday and a shoe that pinched, I thought she would be in pain, but she laughed it off despite the considerable pain. Bite the lip and get on with it.

2.She had to write a script for the skit on gratitude for her class and she did the whole thing herself and not once did she ask me about how it is etc. My responsibility, I'll handle it.

3. She is no longer an extension of us when we meet others. She is now her own person, making her own connections, relationships and working on them too.

4. We are now seeking her advice and help on certain things, like technology, where we are not as quick or aware as she is. She is not as dependent on us and we now are dependent on her for a few things.

5. She now has those conspiratorial jokes with friends and cousins about - 'parents'.

6. She is no longer a mere participant but has an active opinion in all that we do or experience which is wonderful.

7. She has her own choice of movies, books, shows, music and we watch completely different stuff mostly.

8. Despite her strict no-gadget stuff, she enjoys being in touch with her friends on WhatsApp etc. I think its just a matter of time before she gets on social media.

9. Now the jokes are on us and that is good fun too because we now have another person to cut us down to size at the slightest opportunity. 

10. It feels less like we are taking care of her and more like she is part of things, taking part of responsibility and that's a nice feeling.

It's wonderful to see.

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