Monday, December 28, 2020

Pune Diaries - An Early Morning Walk at Magarpatta

 So I decided to jog through this wonderful township and get a sense of it for myself. Up at 630 I took off past the main island at the entrance and crossed over, hoping to run alongside the outer perimeter and thereby get a sense. I went past the corporate buildings, the residences that range from villas to independent houses to flats from single bedroom to three bedroom apartments.

We enter Magarpatta township from the East gate and right there we find this island with five or six tall palm trees and if we go straight along this axis we hit the central part of the township of which a tall water tank is the landmark around which is a large park where all community gatherings take place and a flag is hoisted everyday.

 The park, named Aditi park, has a jogging track of a kilometre all around it, lovely lawns inside, a lotus pond and so on. Jarringly some patriotic songs were being played in the PR system where I felt some quiet would have helped the mood and setting. Straight behind it is the west gate.

Five elements and five islands - fire, earth, wind, water and ether - and five islands of the elements in Magarpatta. I jogged along on the north side of the township, past residences and the Laxmi lawns, out on the main road and back in through the west gate, hit the park and jogged around it one and a half times and went back home.


There is a huge ground with football fields and another where there is a gym, swimming pool, football and basketball courts where some kids were playing cricket.

On the south side there is a small shopping mall with many utilities - food, barber, dentist, pharmacy and so on. There are cycles left all over the place that anyone can use and leave where they wish. The mornings are full of walkers and joggers, young and old, fit and unfit. I did some 5.7 kms and was quite happy I made it and got to know Magarpatta better.

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