Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Anjali - How to be Happy

 A variant of Anjali's how-to-be-happy formula which she disclosed to me when she was probably five (the answer then was - smile!). So yesterday, after a tough trek up the Simhagad hill, she was quite thrilled and announced - 'Í am so happy.'

S asked - Anjali, tell me how to be happy na?

Anjali was pretty clear on how to go about these things.

A - First you decide you will be happy and then you will be happy.

I guess that includes doing things that make you happy, or taking responsibility for your happiness like her Ajji told me once. It also implies that we do decide to be unhappy about things as well and look for ways to be unhappy which is something a lot of us do. Watching our thoughts, our words, our actions could lead to a happier life perhaps.

Thanks Anjali. 

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