Sunday, December 16, 2018

My Musical Notes 18 - Leo Sayer's 'Endless Flight'

There was this little shop in Chirag Ali lane, one I never knew existed. Choudary took me there one day when we were in Abids for some work in our first year Engineering. I was thrilled to see that the quaint little shop had a very unique collection of music. I had never heard of most of those artistes - some rare stuff.

That visit, I bought Leo Sayer's 'Endless Flight'. It's one of those one-song tapes (like Yes's 'Owner of a Lonely Heart) which I found later. Leo's biggest hit was 'When I need you' - a delightful ballad that stays with you. Never heard much of the other songs but this one stayed in most of my slow song collections. Leo had another great hit 'More than I can say'.

Choudary was not much of a music collector, but he was enthusiastic about music (he is enthusiastic about everything). I clearly remember him coming along with me (he was my manager and chief negotiator then, and even now) when we went to buy a Phillips car deck and a couple of speakers. On my own, I would have probably bought a music system minus speakers or made some gaffe like that so I would always take him along to bring some sanity.

That was my first personal music system, my own, bought with some money I earned from some cricket prize. (Choudary would also come along to buy my first car, my first TV, and several other things for me). If I remember right we got it for 1200 bucks. What was brilliant about Choudary was that he also bargained with the shop in Abis to throw in a cassette free (things I would never have done). We got Iron Maiden's - 'The Number of the Beast' (Can I Play With Madness) which put me off iron Maiden forever. But since I lost that tape, I need to record this here.

That Phillips car deck with an auto-reverse system and green indicators that shoe warmly in the night, gave me hours and hours of musical pleasure. We somehow fixed it in an old books shelf which could hold all my cassettes at the bottom and the car deck above with those two speakers hanging up on the wall.

Thanks is owed to Choudary for my car deck, Iron Maiden and Leo Sayer for now. He will feature much more in more musical notes later of course.

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