Friday, December 7, 2018

My Musical Notes 15 - Best of Journey 'Frontiers'

This was an interesting trade. I was visiting my friend Kumar at his house. He had just returned from some trip abroad and he showed me two tapes he brought back with him. One was Journey's Greatest Hits. (The other was one of the Thomson Twins.) I had never heard Journey so I asked him if I could borrow it. Kumar was not much of a western music buff anyway.

Back at home I listened to the tape and loved the numbers. 'Separate Ways'. 'Send her my love', 'Rubicon', 'Don't stop believing,' 'Stone in love', 'Open Arms,' and 'Faithfully'. I could listen to all these songs and when Kumar asked me the next visit if I wanted to trade the tape for a helmet of mine (riding) I was happy to give it away.

Two incidents come to mind. One when I was totally sozzled during some night out with the boys, one of those when I was in a rare but really bad shape, a friend said he would take me out for a spin in his car so I could feel better. As we drove I heard Journey sing 'Open arms' in his car and through my numb senses I told him I could place the group and did. It kind of proved to them that I was ok if through all that I could get the group and its song right.

Another incident was when I was playing against a tough VST side. MCC had a weak team that year and this was the first game. We won the toss and elected to bat. I remembered listening to 'Stone in Love' that previous day and there is one small bit when the music plays in a particular way and it stuck in my head. I would hum that tune and it would still my mind. I kept humming that tune all day and ended up scoring a hundred. I also remember going to Naresh's house after that inning and bumping into Shobha on the way at Deccan Chronicle. Listen to it at 2.28. That's what I hummed all day. I can hum it all day even now.

'Faithfully' made it into all my slow tapes and it's a song with a beautiful video. I think I shared it with everyone who liked rock ballads. Journey will always remain special for that hundred and for so many lovely moments.

Thanks Kumar.

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