Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Anjali - Daksha School Annual Day

Another year and another Annual Day function. The years seem to be flying off pretty easily and faster now. Indications that one has fallen into a rut in terms of thinking I would think. What shows up as a reminder is how fast the children have grown. Normally they use Ravindra Bharathi but this year Sathya Sai Nigamagamam was the venue.
Anjali introducing a primary class
Anjali is now in her 6th and her class mates put up a show along with the 7th class which has a smaller strength. Up front she also got to introduce one of the performances by a junior class and she did a confident and efficient job of it. Brahmani narrated the story of her Telugu play in Telugu and did an impressive job of that. I do like the idea of the seniors introducing the next program and they all did a great job of it. They learned their lines by heart, walked up confidently, used their body language well and delivered to an audience of 500 or more.

The themes were around learning through play, tradition, a festival theme, a wedding theme showing how different things were then, a Telugu play adapted from a popular Telugu novel, a grandfather (Vamsi I think) and a grandson (Karthikeya who did a great job) reconciling the generation gap with the grandfather recollecting his son's life. At appropriate moments the story would lapse into flashbacks where the children would dance to appropriate songs in the father's life. So the childhood song was 'Lakdi ki kathi', and other songs included 'Aa leke tujhe' and 'Lose control'. Anjali performed in 'Lakdi ki kathi' and 'Self control' and she was all serious about it and went about it efficiently as always.

This year they split the pre-primary and primary sections so the entire show was more relaxed and got over in 2 and a half hours. Next year they are hoping to get their own campus at Bachupally so a bigger campus with some grounds.

As usual, very enjoyable. Mostly, watching the kids grow up into small adults with distinct identities was interesting. Mansi, now tall and graceful, Yeshwant, Saket, Keertan, Divya, Brahmani, Manha and Anjali. More pictures once I get them.  

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