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Cricket Workshop 'Win by Design' - Infiniti Tech Labs LLC

We did a half-day workshop for Infiniti Tech Labs LLC on Team Building titled 'Winning By Design'. It's an experiential workshop where participants learn through the game, how teams come together, win by design and form champion teams.
Infiniti Tech Labs Team 
There were about 15 participants, including 3 women participants, and they participated enthusiastically. Participants were - Team A - Santosh (C), Gautami, Ajay, Inder, Santosh, Murli, Ramesh, Shrikant and Team B -  Basheer, Suresh,Sumir, Raghu, Sujit, Neelima and Poornima.
Game on!
Two games were played, eight overs a team. The first game dealt with the importance of common purpose, or something that is common to every member of the team, something that binds the team together.
'It is our common purpose that binds us together - the common purpose that we are here to do great work and grow as individuals and as a team, to create great results. Together we can all do so much more!' 

Quote on Purpose From "50 Not Out" 
"Teams are bound by a clear and common purpose. The common purpose binds the team together. It challenges the entire team and lifts it to a higher plane. Team energies come together to fulfill the purpose. It gives a sense of worth, of togetherness. A team with a clear purpose turns up like a well-trained army as one unit and performs better."

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how" - Nietzsche
A team without a common purpose - a team divided
It was also about choosing the leader, choosing our roles and attitudes to take into the game because as part of the team, we also get a share of the blame and the credit. Also, when the team wins, we win as individuals, and not the other way around.
Penning their thoughts
'When the team wins, I win. The team can achieve far more than I can achieve individually. As part of a winning team, I will always be known as a winner. I will do my best in all capacities to make my team win.'

Quote on Team Spirit from '50 Not Out'
"The team is always bigger than the individual. The team comes first. Sign up now. Participate wholeheartedly and help your team's progress. Give 100 percent without expecting anything in return. Even if you are a lowly employee or a reserve player, take your team's progress personally and help your team win. Your good will come about in ways that you cannot imagine when you team wins. You get more opportunities at the bigger stages. 

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships" - Michael Jordan

Team B scored 60 and Team A scored 38.
Planning and strategising - or rather organising effort!

Some learnings after the first game from the participants
-  better teamwork, better coordination, more ownership, plan and strategise beforehand, hang on with grit, ask and give help with other team members, communicate with team and leader, plan after every over, choose right leader, plan on how to improve individual performance, motivate others, support team in all matters, see that task is completed, keep morale high, give 100%, be strong mentally, effort, take more responsibility, psych yourself up, take help, . 
Team A planning
Quote of Strategy from '50 Not Out'
"Identify your strengths and play to them. it is your easiest route to success. When you put your energies behind your strengths, you leverage maximum advantage for yourself. Work 80% on honing your strengths and 20% on improving your weaknesses. As your strengthsgrow, your weaknesses will naturally diminish."  

Before the second game, we discussed the various ways that champion teams are built. We needed a common purpose and we found that (the team must win). We also discussed that for the team to win it is evident that the team must perform to potential. To perform to potential all individuals must perform to their potential. So we discussed how the best could be brought out of each individual and then, how the team must, in its own interests, come together to perform to its potential.
'First help yourself give your best performances, help others give their best performances and ask for help to better your own performance. Commit to your role and delivery fully.'

Quote on Preparation from '50 Not Out'
"Your performances reflect your preparation. The only way to perform well is to be fully prepared for every job. Put in hours to develop skills and leave nothing to chance. As your preparation gets better, appropriate opportunities present themselves. The kind of opportunities that open up indicate your level of preparation."

"Preparation isn't about hoping for the best; it's about having a strategy to cope with the worst, whatever that takes.' - Tom Phillips 
Warming up before the final 
Goal clarity, roles, targets, commitment, team culture, feedback, planning and strategy, communication, how to bring out the best potential of resources, how to empower and motivate the weak and unburden the strong players, and other issues were discussed by the teams. The importance of the team to come together as a FIST was discussed. When all fingers in the FIST fall in sync and do their roles, the FIST is at its most powerful.
'It is important to know our role and submit to the team's greater purpose because that gives the team greater power. Be a binding force in the team and not a disruptive one. Bring disagreements to the table to be discussed constructively instead of engaging in disruptive actions.'

Quote on Equality from 50 Not Out
"Everyone is equal in the team. When all members of the team are equal, the team comes together powerfully like a fist. When teams come together, they are most effective. No one is greater or lesser, everyone is equally important. As teams bond, everyone stands up for one another and greater synergies are achieved.'

"All men are created equal, it is only men themselves who place themselves above equality.' - David Allan Coe
Intense match!
The second game was a thrilling game with Team A scoring 62 (Inder 21, Ramesh 14, Gautami 12. Team B which looked totally out of sorts after four overs but the skipper of the team and his able partner batted with great restraint and commitment and took the score close to a winning total. In the end, Purnima, who played cricket for the first time, raised her hand and took the responsibility of taking her team over across the line and did it in style. Team B scored 70 (Sunil 18, Basheer 19, Surjeeet 10). I enjoyed the matches thoroughly. There was so much commitment, passion, desire to give one's best - this was all of them in their real and true avatars. It was heartwarming.
We're all in it together!
After the game, in the debrief we discussed how we do not take our best to the work because we are not sure. But this is an individual choice and it makes a difference to the team. We should make out choice to give our best every day, to encourage our team, to help our team win, because that way, we also win.

Quote on Attitude from '50 Not Out'
"Play to win. To win, be honest and clear that you want to win. Make your intentions clear. It will give you a competitive edge. You will win more than you lose with that attitude. Do not be afraid to lose. When you fear losing you become defensive. Commit yourself fully to the purpose." 

"I play to win, whether during practice or during a real game. And I will not let anything get in the wy of me and my competitive enthusiasm to win.' Michael Jordan

A team that stands together, holds each other
Some learnings after the second game
Harness team potential, enhance team spirit, grow leaders in the team, team effort is important, working in teams leads to success, deliver what's expected from you, contribution of individual is required when working in a team so participate, motivate everyone, play to strengths, expect the unexpected, break vision into actionable objectives, never lose hope, get everyone on the same page, have fun and enjoy what you do, plan well before executing, put extra effort, revisit your strategy set goals to achieve, common purpose is important, support your team, anything can happen, we need to keep cool and play the game, believe you are going to win and do not let down till the end,
have a backup plan to change according to changing situations

It was a good half day of learning and fun. Thanks Infiniti Tech Labs, Gautami and Ajay. Thanks also to the Jaisimha Cricket Academy, Santosh, Anuj and Mallaiah for assisting.

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