Thursday, December 13, 2018

My Musical Notes 16 - REO Speedwagon Greatest


My first REO Speedwagon was the album 'Hi Infidelity'. It had a saucy cover. I bought it at Sangeet Sagar - perhaps the salesman who was instrumental in my growing interest in music played it for me, or maybe I heard someone else playing it. But I bought the cassette. (That cassette of mine is missing though.) This cassette with REO Speedwagon's Greatest Hits came sometime later.

But from the first day, I heard 'In your letter' and 'Keep on loving you' and even 'Take it on the run', I was hooked to Speedwagon. Much later I also enjoyed their soulful ballad 'Can't fight this feeling'.
'Keep on loving you' figured in all the assorted slow tapes I made for myself and my friends.

'Can't fight this feeling' I remember was a favorite number and again made it to all my slow assorted tapes. Rather maudlin but I think I liked those kinds of songs. Also, remember Shobha M singing this song soulfully in one of her 'better to burn than fade away moments'.

An abiding memory for me is that of Sangeet Sagar and the cover of Hi Infidelity - for some reason Speedwagon takes me back there - of walks in the evening twilight from Police Control room to Sangeet Sagar full of anticipation and the walk back from the shop to the Public Gardens bus stop and then the bus ride home - couldn't wait to go home and play all the songs to my heart's content.

Lovely. Listening to the songs takes me back to those moments.

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