Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My Musical Notes 18 - Tina Charles's 'Greatest' and Michael Jackson's 'Off the Wall'

The cassette was the first host to two albums - Meatloaf's classic 'Bat out of hell' and Toto's 'TV'. Both great albums but somehow they did not appeal to me then. So when I spotted Tina Charles's Greatest Hits and Michael Jackson's 'Off the wall', I happily traded the earlier two albums. Of course, in later years, as I grew up and lost sweetness for bitterness, I brought back rock music into my life and these two albums came back.

Tina Charles was regularly played by the RJ on Yuvavani and the song 'Dance little lady dance' was a big hit. Other numbers like 'You set my heart on fire,' 'Love bug', 'Love me like a Lover' were all big hits. Tina has this unique voice and was much liked by my sisters, Chanti in particular who used to do a nifty little step on 'Dance little lady dance'.

I played the tape over and over again perhaps while studying or reading some novel. (My favorite memory of a book associated with music was Donna Summers 'Bad Girls' and The Godfather - done in one sitting!)

I did enjoy Tina Charles but Michael Jackson's 'Off the wall' was sensational. 'Don't stop til you get enough', 'Rock with you' and 'Get on the floor' were superb numbers. I haven't heard many people listen to this album but I loved it. 

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