Thursday, December 20, 2018

My Musical Notes 19 - Alisha Chinai's Jaadoo

This is of 1985 vintage certainly. Really old. I also suspect it is from Mani's collection and stayed on with me. It's a Hindi tape with the songs from the movie Tarzan on one side and Alisha Chinai cooing 'Jaadoo mera chal gaya' on the other. Pretty saucy video too.

Alisha was a serious pop star in the Hindi private pop albums. Blessed with a unique, girly voice she did complete justice to these songs. After Jaadoo her other songs were 'Mon Cheri' (with Annu Malik), 'Rutho na hamse' and a couple more songs.

Tarzan the movie was famous for Hemant Birje who played Tarzan and did a good job of playing dumb and the sensuous Kimi Katkar who showed enough skin to draw the audiences in. The song 'Tarzan' was pretty popular and was sung by Alisha Chinai. There's a song by Sharon Prabhakar and one by Uttara Kelkar. Subhash Ghai was pretty adventurous.

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