Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My Musical Notes 14 - Yes's 90125


My friend at Sangeet Sagar pulled a fast one on me. The cover of this album was attractive and I had only vaguely heard of YES thanks to Jetset or some other such magazine. I asked him how the music was. He said it was good and he played it for me. Very smartly he played the one big hit from this album 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' which strikes a chord in anyone's heart. But the rest of the album was trash.

That was the only time that I trusted him and was let down. But he was always good otherwise. I made it a point to do my research next time so I don't get into such situations. But actually 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' is really worth the entire album.

I have heard it many times with my rock music group which included Choudary (by default), Anil Menon, Sunnie, Aqueel, Sunil Jyothi and others. Of course, once the song was played the cassette would come off. The tape is still in great shape. YES and the 'Owner of a lonely heart' will always remain in my heart as another sweet memory of my Sangeet Sagar days.

Checking the album I realise that it contained another big hit of theirs - 'Cinema'. They won a Grammy for that. I never liked it.

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