Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Royal Bengal Mystery - Satyajit Ray

Felu da is a popular character from Satyajit Ray's books. A detective of repute, he has his sidekick Topche with him. Invited to visit a landlord who is also a renowned tiger hunter along with another author, Feluda is thrown a challenge. Solve the riddle that has been in the family for generations and earn a reward.
Puffin. 100 p, Rs. 150

The land is infested by a man eating tiger. The landlord's house has a mentally retarded brother, a secretary, a friend who also looks after the business. No women surprisingly. The secretary is killed by the man eating tiger and Feluda has little time to solve both mysteries. But solve he does and finally leaves it to nature's ways.

I have another Feluda to read. And a couple more from Anjali's collection. Want to take it easy on adult books for a while. Not too impressed with this one. The tiger - is it man eating or not? The treasure - has it been found or not? Feluda's final conclusion also has many 'I thinks'. But I am being too critical on a children's book. In its favour it has excitement, drama and an element of fear that children seems to like.

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