Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hindi Medium - Movie Review

A story of wannabe parents (Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar) who have the money but not the class, who want to belong to the city's posh circles. They move from their Chandni Chowk residence to the posh Vasant Vihar residence and then, have to get their daughter admitted in a posh school. That's when they find it's not so easy. From hiring a consultant to groom them and the child (who in turn gets them consultants to write, to dress, to say things etc) they do everything and fail. For the last school they decide to do anything that takes.

Including getting the kid into the school through the Right to Education Act where a small quota exists for the poor. But even these seats can be managed. To counter a news report that rich people are stealing the poor seats, the parents actually go to live in a slum for the inspection. The child gets admission but at the cost of the their friend's child (Deepak Dobriyal - fabulous as always) - one person who helps them in their life in the slum. Turns out in the end that the penitent parents do the right thing.

Patchy in parts, it ends well. Has its heart in the right place. I liked it. Worth one watch surely.

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