Thursday, October 19, 2017

Anjali - Visit to the Orphanage at St. Theresa's Hospital

I don;t know where she got the idea from (perhaps from a trip their school had organised) but these days Anjali prefers to give away stuff to the orphanage. Books, games, bats, balls, pens, food, compass boxes, trifles - she collects them all in a big box and off we go to the orphanage. Been there some three or four times so far.
The card that was made - but went missing until later! But it was made for them - and that thought is important
There were a lot of kids there before, but now they moved the younger kids to another place in Miyapur. Now there are eight. We met four of them who helped to carry the box - Anitha, Shivani, Karunya and Joshna - all between seven and ten years old. They were helping to clean out the garden with a couple of older children. They came immediately to help me and carried the box with a smile.

'They are so nice,' whispered Anjali. 'And so polite.' They were.

I offered to carry the box but all four carried it and I let them until the steps. Then I took over.

I opened the box and found that Anjali had put in a couple of her plastic cricket bats and stuff too.
'Does anyone play cricket?' I asked.
The girls smiled.
'No,' they said. 'But we can try.'

I told them I would like to go back. they insisted that I stay back until their 'amma' came. An elderly lady came by shuffling along. I told her that the box had some stuff the children could use. She was very happy to receive it.

'Thank you,' said all the children when I was leaving.

I asked them if they would play with Anjali if she came. They said they would. I asked them when they had time to play. Sunday at 4 in the evening they said. I asked Anjali if she would like to come and play with them. She said 'Yes' enthusiastically.

We agreed to come by next Sunday. That should be a fun outing for Anjali.

Interestingly, she had made a Happy Diwali card for them. We were halfway when we got a call from home telling us that we forgot the card. Anjali was ok with that. But I found it very thoughtful that over and above all that she put together, she also made a card, ribbon and sketch pens and all. More than what she gave, the card that did not make it spoke more about her gesture. 

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