Monday, October 9, 2017

Anjali - Her Blog on the Cricket Workshop

“Cricketing Practices and Life lessons”
Me and my family were enjoying our last day in Mumbai when dad said something about taking a Dussehra camp called “Cricketing practices and life lessons” at the ML Jaisimha Academy, in Bantia estate. I had not had a great experience at the academy by getting up so early to watch dad bowl but I simply inquired. “What age group is it for?”. “Under 15”.” I will join”. My dad looked at me as if not sure” Okay” he said after some time. Now I thought what I needed. Whites, Alarm, and I had to sleep early my whole vacation!
The first day we left at 6:30 to reach at 7:00. Astonishingly there was no one except for the man who does chores Malliah (If I am spelling it correctly) and the older boys. Okay I sat down waiting for the others to arrive. (Not that I knew the others) Soon I got to know everyone Aarav, Anish, Vivek, Jaiwant, Taufiq, Abhishek, Hardik, Dhruv and my friend Smaran who has been coming for a long time. A few joined late. Over the time of eight days we covered topics like resilience, leadership, courage, preparation, basics, Target, team work etc. The before class warm-up included running, stretching, and batting and bowling drills. After warmup we would discuss the topic and then learn how to use it in life. The small things like Ann aunty and her cats etc. made the course special The after-match games taught us all the ten topics. Here are some pics.

Drills with my dad’s coach Beig sir.

The above was Anjali's piece on her experiences at the workshop. I asked her if she could add a bit about her learning from the workshop. Then she added this.

Here is what I learnt in the course:
1.       To be understanding and not underestimate anyone
2.       To learn from your mistakes and get back up
3.       To be kind but firm with fellow teammates
4.       To be ready to face the obstacles that come one’s way
5.       To never think of giving up and depending on that small chance
6.       To learn from everything
7.       To set easy targets and work on them
8.       To play for your team
9.       To be alert and attentive
10.   To be disciplined

My dad told us a few things that I won’t forget. Such as (My father did not say these exact same things. It is just what I remember from the course)
“A man once said that if you’re early you’re on time, and if you’re on time you’re late and if you’re late DON’T EVEN BOTHER COMING” Dad follows this rule and urges me to get ready early every day.
“A marathon runner once decided that he must focus better. So he counts every step he takes but there is a twist. You cannot think of anything else other than the number”
“You have to play for the team not yourself”

This sums up my experience and what I learnt from the course. He plans to take more courses. And if you liked it please join the next time it is held.

Thanks Anjali. I would be thrilled if you would come for the next workshop too. You are a wonderful student to have. :)

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