Monday, October 30, 2017

"Anjali-The Phantom Tollbooth"

Anjali's book review
The Phantom Tollbooth
My cousin, Miskil, been urging me to get this book since our trip to Mumbai in September.Unfortunately, ourfavorite bookstore didn’t have the book. Disappointed I left home.
Then on my birthday I received a parcel “The Phantom Tollbooth”
It’s a great book! By far the best book I read till date! It’s about a boy named Milo, who finds no point in what is taught in school. When he receives a note and a parcel saying.
First  he gets into the tollbooth and starts off. At first, he lands up in the Doldrums, where people who do not think go. In real life too, we all start at the Doldrums. He meets a dog called Tock who has a clock on his body and goes Tick, Tick, tick. He goes to Dictionopolis with tock and finds another partner the humbug, sent by King Azaz. (my favorite part of this book) He finds out about the princesses- Rhyme and reason and aims to rescue them.
He travels to the Point of View where you can see Alec’s point of view, Illusions and Reality a boring black place, Valley of sound where no one can talk where King Azaz’s brother and enemy the  Mathamagician stays, Digitopolis Mountains of Ignorance where all demons lie and the castle in the air to rescue the princesses.
He receives gift s and weapons from his friends which without he would be helpless. 
 It’s like a nonfiction positive thinking self-help book turned into a fantasy,funny,crazy world of wisdom!
The Phantom tollbooth is one book I will never-ever forget in my life. I recommend this book strongly
(However old you are)

Enjoy the World of Wisdom!  

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