Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Farewell My Lovely - Movie Review

A racy 1975 thriller laced with murders, the typical smooth talking private detective hero, molls, mobsters and shining through it all and holding the story together, the love of a an ex-criminal who is seeking his lost love. Lovely stuff based on a novel by Raymond Chandler.

Philip Marlowe is the smooth talking detective who is weary of his business. But he finds himself dragged, without his consent, into finding the girl friend of an ex-convict with the name of Moose Malloy. The leads to the missing girl friend go nowhere and Marlowe gives up on the case. Meanwhile he finds another client who wants him to assist in paying a ransom for a stolen jade necklace. The man dies during the operation. Then his information source for the missing girlfriend gives him the wrong picture and disappears. Another woman who knew the girl friend is killed. Marlowe is shot at. The jade necklace trail leads him to a powerful retired judge and his pretty wife. It all comes together in the end on an illegal online casino. Moose finds his girl but was his wait worth it?

Nice old fashioned stuff with corny dialogues (some funny). Robert Mitchum brings a classy charm to his role. Charlotte Rampling as Mrs. Grayle is stunning. Sylvester Stallone has a bit part - a side kick role. 

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