Saturday, October 21, 2017

Secret Superstar - Movie Review

A seemingly simple story of a young girl who wants to pursue her passion for singing against her father's wishes becomes the setting from which the movie explores so many 'secrets' in Indian society effortlessly. Insia is a talented singer but her father doe snot have too much time for her nor his wife for that matter. Thankfully her mother fully supports her - buying her a guitar and then a laptop which makes the burqa clad singer-schoolgirl a YouTube sensation.

A matter of finding a whacky mentor is easily dealt with and she is pretty much set for a life but her father has other plans. Will the mother and daughter find the strength to hold on to their dreams, their freedom against the tradeoff of financial dependence and social stigma?

Zaira Wasim is superb as the secret superstar. Aamir Khan is fabulous as the full-of-himself-on-the-outside-but-fragile-inside Shakti Kumar. Raj Arun is perfect as the abusive husband-father.

While watching the movie there was this thought in the mind - how will all the families that cope with this feeling cope with this now that its out in the open. But that's the least of our problems isn't it? Like Anjali said- it's not just about the secret superstar, the movie is full of secrets in the family. Entertaining and real, honest and unapologetic, it's movies like this that will work because they tell us our stories as they are and make us a better people for that. Advait Chintan- take a bow!

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