Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Anjali - Say Yes or No

One of the things I am guilty of is not committing to a particular time - I like to keep things flexible. I also give very optimistic estimates of my earliest time of arrival which causes much strife at home because I tend to land up a good one hour after that. That's something Shobhs and I have not been able to tweak yet to satisfaction. 'When are you coming? is the question. 'Starting in 10,' will be my optimistic answer. When I finally land up after an hour or so due to a perfectly valid reason, the atmosphere is not too happy and with good reason.
Anjali's cat Maya's kitten Tintin (or something like that)
Pic courtesy - Anjali
Now Anjali has seen me for 10 years and she knows enough. So this evening the conversation went like this.
'Nanna are you coming home by 10? Say Yes or No?'
'Anjali I am at Ranjan mama's house and should be starting in....'
'Yes or No?'
'No, but you see....'
'Ok, bye'

Simple. End of conversation. End of story. I loved it.

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