Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nice Link - Thought Exercises to 10X Your Performance / Brain power

Nice Link!

To boost your brain power, creativity and energy.
1. Look at "what if" scenarios
Think the exact opposite of what was being done. If they use 20 slides, use 5. If they use words, use pictures. Think out of the box because if you do the same thing, you will end up with the same results. Break out.

2. Think 10x and not 10%
Don't think incremental if you want radical results. Think 10x and work backwards.

3. Get into the flow
Once you fix the 10x target, get into the flow. Get excited about the job. Imagine the outcome, how it will help others, how you feel after achieving it. Get complete focus, eliminate distractions, song, routine. Get yourself into good energy.

4. Write lists
Break the minds patten. Write random lists that force your brain to be more creative. Write lists about top 10 books, bands, whatever. Just get the mind thinking.

5. Change perspective
Think like how a champion would think in this situation. Watch a TED talk or read an article to inspire you to see it differently.

6. Zoom Out
Work in pods of high focus. Pick important tasks and give it 100%. Present the final outcome as if you have already achieved your result and explain how you did it.

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Awesome info over again! Thanks!