Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Someone Like You - Movie Review

Watched this movie in two instalments. It's based on a novel - 'Animal Husbandry' by Laura Zigman. The movie starts with an introduction to the basic premise of the movie - that bulls do not mate cows they have mated with before how much ever you disguise the old cow. Our heroine clings to this theory to save her self-esteem and well, the movie revolves around it.

Jane (Ashley Judd) works in a talk show. There are two men who are extremes - one a womaniser (Hugh Jackman) and the other (Kinnear), a new producer, who is all charming. Jane falls for charming, who after some romance and stuff, loses interest in her. Typical bull. She is distraught and moves in with womaniser who has no such feelings for her. Jane also brings out all her angst in a column she writes in a magazine about men - which is a big hit. Now they have to get Jane on the show and resolve all the loose ends - let's see - make charming and TV show host (Ellen Barkin) pair up, Jane and the womanising producer pair up and most things are under control. A climax where we have some uncomfortable moments because she admits on air that there is no columnist by the name of whatever and it was she. All is well ladies and gentlemen, though I dread to think of their futures. What happens when the bulls tire of the old cows?

It's the kind of a movie we'd watch in Sterling theatre in Hyderabad when it was alive and around. Popcorn, warm and cosy theatre, few mice, late night cool ride back home, ahh, lovely. Now what was that movie about again? But big starcast here folks - Hugh Jackman, Ashley Judd, Marisa Tomei, Ellen Barkin and Greg Kinnear.

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