Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Holiday - Movie Review

For the nth time I watched this delightful movie and am wondering what-a-movie. The story of the two working women girls running away from their two-timing boyfriends, Iris (Kate Winslet) from England and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) from Los Angeles, who exchange homes for two weeks and find love faraway from home is absolutely romantic, funny (in a giggly way) and warm. Nothing giggly about their predicament when they start out thought but they have the gumption to make that decision, fly across the seas and look at life anew. The good lord rewards such courage.

And Amanda finds Graham (Jude Law), the widowed brother of Iris with his two adorable daughters Sophie and Olivia, and a fine two weeks it turns out to be in England and its pubs and stuff. Iris finds Ethan (Jack Black) and Arthur Abbott, her neighbour, an ex-writer for the movies. I loved the movie, the moments, the scenes (specially the one where Kate Winslet is talking to Cameron Diaz with Graham on the line) and more.
I'd watch this movie anytime. Guess what's next on the list - Notting Hill. What's this with the British and the American romances?

Whatever it is, it's good. Hey story idea - get all the characters of these romantic comedies and make a movie. The Holiday, Notting Hill, Bridges of Madison County, Love Story, Come September...add some more. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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