Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thought for the Day - Keep The Balance

The key seems to be balance. One cannot overdo one area at the cost of another. It might help to look at the big areas in our life. What they mean to us, why we relate to them and how we relate to them are questions that could explain why they are fun or not fun. (The ones that are fun and easy are the ones in balance and the ones we are avoiding are not in sync.)

For the purposes of convenience the five areas that most of us engage could be these - personal growth, financial, relationships, work and health. Between them, these five areas occupy much of our life. Most of us seem to have an excess of one at the cost of another leading to a slight imbalance which could tell on our health at a later stage. Let's examine each.

Personal growth: What does it mean to you and how and why you relate to it is the question. How do you nurture yourself - body, mind and spirit? What kind of stuff do you do that aids your growth? People, books, talks, associations, music, movies...look at stuff that grows. Are you enjoying your growth? Have you addressed this question yet?

Financial health: What does it mean to you and why and how do you relate to it? How do you grow it? How do you keep your balance? How much do you need? What are you doing with it? A close look at your financial health could reveal some clues. You need to also look at whether it is controlling you or you are controlling it. Do you enjoy having it and using it?

Relationships: What do they mean to you? Are they adding to you or taking away? Is there something to learn from them? The key as always is this - are you having fun? Or are they serious and pulling you down? Are you feeling free to be yourself?

Work: What does it mean to you? Does it add to your growth? Is there more to it than the money? Do you feel like you can't wait to get to work? Is it challenging? If it is not, you need to address your relationship with work and see what it means to you.

Health: What does it mean to you and how do you relate to it? Are you feeling healthy? What are you postponing and why? Are you healthy in the mind and the body? Does it scare you? Do you ignore it?

If we can keep the perspective, keep the major areas in balance, we should be in harmony with life. If not, time to examine our relationships with them and sorting them out.

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