Saturday, September 6, 2014

Now You See Me - Movie Review

Four magicians are picked by a calling card from a rich benefactor to be a group called the 'Four Horsemen'. The four specialise in different tricks of the trade and are obviously the best in what they do. From one piece of magic to another the movie takes you higher and higher. Their first big act - pick a random chap from the audience and rob his bank in Paris through a teleportation mechanism. The money is transported to the USA and showered all over the audience. Next the man who fronts them finds a hundred million of his money being transferred electronically to an audience comprising entirely of people his insurance company cheated. Next a safe is made to disappear and the money appears in the car of a man who is trying to hand them over to the insurance guy. Who do they work for and why this personal vendetta?

Chasing them rather not too well is an FBI officer who teams up with a good looking officer from the Interpol. They don't stop anything from happening though. Action, big large scale action, all through. Won't get bored for sure. Slick and smooth.

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