Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Walk In The Clouds - Movie Review

Another romance from the past. I do remember certain scenes from the movie that I saw more than a decade ago surely. Keanu Reeves is the young soldier who returns from the war to a life that has nothing to offer to him. He hopes to start a life with the wife he married on an impulse before he left for the war but realises after one meeting that the marriage is over. She and he are poles apart. As an orphan he has nothing to look forward to really.

Heading to Sacramento to start a career as a chocolate salesman Keanu Reeves gets lucky. He bumps into a girl on the train who pukes all over him and gets him into all sorts of trouble unwittingly. She is a college student heading home - but she is pregnant and is scared about what her close knit family would do to her when they find out. Keanu steps in nobly and acts the husband, suffers his father in laws taunts and well, in the end, it all works out well. Anthony Quinnas the grand old Don Pedro is cute.

A bit like many Hindi or Telugu films with an old world charm. The cinematography is dreamy and beautiful and the vineyards and the traditions are captured so beautifully that you cannot forget this movie. Nice.

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