Monday, September 29, 2014

Thought for the Day - Why our dreams are not based on reality

I do find this intriguing. When asked to list their dreams (or goals), most miss out some obvious ones. Like say, getting a gold medal in their academic studies for one. Or some other dream connected to real life. I wondered why and then hit the answer.

When we base it on reality, even though its a good dream, it ties it down with responsibility. We want things to happen with no responsibility at all. Only then do we call them dreams.

My submission is that even if we do achieve such dreams, we may not enjoy them. What will we do if we suddenly land up with a jet or a ticket to travel the world or a villa? These things are only the means to express ourselves, not the end.

In segregating dreams, its probably wiser to add responsibility you're willing to take. It might ground them faster and make all other dreams come true.

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