Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lootera - Movie Review

Been on the list for long. Finally watched it. Liked it. It is shown very well. However the story looked rather thin and went on into a bit of a drag.

The old zamindar and his lovely building, the temple, the guest house are all so beautiful to watch. Sonakshi as the zamindar's daughter who falls in love with the looter-archaeologist Ranvir Singh does a fine job. She is a good actress; what is she is doing in those other movies. Why Ranvir Singh who has no interest or talent in painting wants to paint a masterpiece sis anybody's guess but a masterpiece he paints which is so bad that Sonakshi spots it from a mile away once the snow stops. Ranvir and his stay at the guest house are also rather suspect - I felt that their relationship could have been explored deeper.

But Sonakshi is dying of tuberculosis and is waiting for the last leaf to fall from her favorite tree. The last leaf does not and she shines through. It appears Ranvir has been taking care of her and painting his masterpiece - the leaf - instead of running away. Anyway who cares about all that? The cinematography is so good, so loving, that most images stay in my mind. Its an India we don't know. Good enough for me.

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