Saturday, September 6, 2014

Good Bye Lenin - Movie Review

It was in an entirely different language and there were no subtitles. I tried to watch it five times before and aborted it each time but this time I was resolute. I sat through it all.

I guessed it was Germany - the football players and their flag colors gave it away. The wall is broken between East and West. The mother slips into coma and when she wakes up the wall is gone. Communism is out and Macdonalds and Burger King are here. However she must not be told anything that might upset her because she has been a staunch communist supporter. So her son and daughter create an elaborate show to make her believe it is all as it had been, including faking news. One day the mother wanders off and sees a giant Lenin statue being transported by a helicopter - the statue seems to talk in that scene. Super stuff. Anyway she comes to know of all that happened and alls well and that ends well. The mother dies peacefully after the reunification.

It had a documentary kind of a feel to it.

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