Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thought for the Day - You Decide, The World Obeys

When I recount all the things I 'created', the big and small, I realise that the key moment for making that happen was the 'decision'. It happened in my head like a click. One moment is all it took, that's all. Whether it was scoring a hundred, getting a prize wicket, deciding not to lose, giving up a job, writing a book, nurturing a relationship - it was all based on that little 'decision'.

That 'decision' made whatever I wanted already happen in my head. Now all that was left was to make it happen. It comes from a place of knowing, not wanting. The difference is that in 'knowing', you 'know' you will do it come what may. In 'wanting', you hope someone will make it happen for you while you watch helplessly. There is a difference when we say 'I want it' as opposed to 'I'll get it'.

Now these momentous 'decisions' happen almost randomly and uncontrollably, when we are passionate about things. But many times we 'want' things but cannot find that level of passion to back it up. Then how do we 'decide'? How do we scale up the passion? What if we fear deep inside that this is something you are not sure you can commit?

This thought has been on my mind really for a while now. How do we 'decide' as a choice?

As I see it now, this is something that must be first handled in the mind. Committing to it is number one. Talking to yourself and keeping you above the outcome or object of your desire is next. Keeping yourself in the knowing space by thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it, seeing pictures of it you can strengthen the belief that you can create it. All said and done, I find that by pushing the mind into a better space, into a creative space, you can start building momentum to overcome your fear or diffidence or uncertainty.

Much of this 'decision' comes from clarity. What does achieving this mean to you? Why do you want to achieve this? How does it help you to come alive? How does it seize your attention and your passion? When that becomes clear in your mind, the 'decision' becomes clear. It's not about big or small. Its about knowing that you have decided. Then all else falls into place - the plan, the effort, the achievement. It helps many times to have a good sounding board, a coach, a friend, a mentor who can give a perspective into this clarity. Clarity could be all the difference. Clarity comes from eliminating the veils of fear and doubt. From total honesty.

I also believe that when we 'decide' we adopt a life as if it is already done. This is the key. Look ahead and see what you will be doing, how you will think and behave when it is 'done'. Start preparing for the future as if it is already done.

Then all is done.

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