Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bobby Jasoos - Movie Review

In the folds of time, this fact must not be lost that I watched a movie by the name 'Bobby Jasoos' sometime in the past few months. It is a story based in the old city of Hyderabad and I enjoyed watching Hyderabad on screen. The story did not impress me heavily though mainly because I got lost somewhere between the many young men in her life.

Vidya Balan plays Bobby, a jasoos, or a detective. She is from a conservative middle class Muslim family living in Moghulpura area near Charminar along with a horde of women (mom, aunt, sisters) and one man (father grumpy). Unlike most girls and boys who want to join call centres she wants to be a detective. Spurned by detective agencies in the locality she starts taking on a few clients who wish her to spy on people in the affairs of the heart. We get to know that she is good at her job and resourceful too.

Enter mysterious man who pays her much money to locate one lost person from that area. She finds that person based on the sketchiest of details and the most mind boggling methods. And then another and another. She is rolling in the money soon but starts suspecting that the rich man could be abducting these people she is finding for him. There is no trace of them any longer after she reveals their whereabouts to the rich man. Drama at home (father does not love this Miss Marple at home), love (romance with one journo type) and action (villain is a rich man with a mysterious agenda).

Finally all's well and that ends it well. I liked the shots where Bobby sits on the window ledge overlooking old city. Something about it reminded me of a Hyderabad I knew long time ago. Supriya Pathak reminded me of 'Bazaar' and Phir Chidi raat, and Talat Aziz and Farooq Sheikh and a girl who peeped out from behind all those years. Ah, Hyderabad.

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