Friday, September 12, 2014

Thought for the Day - You Are Not Your Worst Part

It is quite easy for us to start thinking that we are our worst part only. If we are fat, or ugly, or dark, or dull, or poor, or unsuccessful, or unhealthy, or whatever, we can easily hang on to that label and feel that we are only that. I have buck teeth, I could think I am that only. If I am shy, I may think I am only that.

Pic courtesy Chitra Karandikar
But hey, you are not your buck teeth. Or your fat. Or your big backside. Or your paunch. Or your past.

You are much more than that. If you can look at yourself as more than just the worst part of you (as you may think), you will find that all the other parts of you may look so nice that you start looking radiant. Just look at all the celebrities; have you seen an uglier lot than them ever? But they are going about strutting whatever good they have or they have manufactured and that is what makes them so attractive suddenly.

Remember, you are not your worst part. And then, you are the star.

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Rajendra said...

That's true. And strut we must, where we can, too!