Sunday, September 21, 2014

Anjali - There Is No Good and Bad

There was much excitement at the school van when I made an impromptu drop at Anjali's school to pick her up. She came away happily, holding a tetra pack of pineapple juice in her hand. 'Today was B's birthday,' she said. 'We ate cake, chips and got fruit juice.'

She sipped from her tetra pack. 'This is pineapple,' she said.
'Is it nice?' I asked.
'Yes. I like it. But you know we had a big fight today about pineapple juice,'' she said.
Wow! Here's a story brewing.

'Me and S were standing with our packs when G came by and said 'This pineapple juice is bad,' Anjali said. 'How can it be bad?'
I listened intently. Where was this leading?

'I told him that he cannot say something like that. How can anything that god gives us be good or bad?' she said.
'Maybe he did not like it,' I said. 'Maybe it was bad for him.'
Was she imposing her views on her friends I thought. I waited.

'If it was bad for him he should say that he did not like it. It is not the pineapple that is bad. He does not like it. How can he say it is bad?'
I got the fine difference then. There is no good and bad. It is what we make of it. Do not label the object, label your reaction to it. Got it.
Thanks kid.

'I went and told akka and then I told teacher also,' said the crusader for god. ' She called him and spoke something to him'.
She drank her juice contentedly.

No good or bad. I looked at her and told her she got it right.

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