Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thought for the Day - Your Eyes are the Entry to Your Heart

Ever looked into your eyes in the mirror? I did once, as part of a workshop I attended. I found my eyes were hard and unforgiving, full of suspicion and perhaps even anger. The one thing I asked for in that workshop was that my eyes soften and see the world as a better place. To let it enter my heart more easily and with more trust.
Picture courtesy - Chitra Karandikar

I don't know how much I succeeded after that. But while walking by myself today in the park I got this thought that the eyes are really the entry to the heart, the portal through which the heart connects to the world and vice versa. It is my eyes that show my relationship with the world and through that, allow or deny entry to the world.

Being aware of that thought makes me soften the hardness in the eyes. I don't need to be on guard all the time. I can allow the world access to my heart. And the heart, access to the world.

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