Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thought for the Day - The Connection between Opportunity and Preparation

We hear people complaining how they are not getting 'opportunities'. Opportunities are seen as a lucky coincidence that happens to the few lucky ones. The rest of us unlucky ones can only crib about how the world is not giving us opportunities.
Pic courtesy - Chitra Karandikar

My take is that opportunities are waiting for you at prescribed milestones in your preparation. The better you are prepared, the more opportunities you attract. Or in other words, the more lucky you become.

Step 1. Understand preparation. Prepare on skill, physical and mental levels. Prepare purposefully so it reflects on your performance.

Step 2. Understand that the key is your mental preparation. You must know the process, your context and mostly you must know your limiting beliefs. These beliefs can keep you in a self-defeating loop. Being aware of those patterns can release you.

Step 3.  Keep your thoughts creative. Instead of feeling like the victim keep your thoughts on what you wish to create. Constantly be in the learning mode.

Step 4. Be aware of how much value you bring and back yourself on that. You are unique and bring a unique value. The more you back yourself the more opportunity comes to you.

Step 5. Enjoy the process. Keep the humour going. It is what makes the mind creative. It makes you look at possibilities that you don't normally see. Even if you joke about being number one, keep at it. Makes you think constantly.

By keeping a learning attitude, by looking to grow with each instance, by knowing your intrinsic value and by keeping yourself happy and in a state of enjoyment, you will find that opportunities are coming your way. Smile, receive them joyfully and thank them.