Sunday, February 2, 2014

Top 10 Behaviors of a Leader - My Take

If one were to give the top 10 behavioral traits of a leader, these would be mine.

1) Be Approachable - At all times. Smile. It reassures people that all is well. Much of your job is to send a feeling of well being. Also to give space for others to express and contribute.

2) Always give the illusion that everything is under control - Even if it is not. As the leader the team looks to you. You must always deal in hope and look like you have the aces up your sleeve, that all is in control. In negotiations, don't play your cards too soon.Control emotions - No extremes. Shows instability and makes people hold back.

3) Speak less, listen more - In almost every single interview or meeting, follow that. You'll be amazed at what comes out. Ask questions even if you know the answers to find out what the others are thinking. Give space.

Even when someone does a good job, don't over-praise. Convey to them subtly that you expect more. Say just enough to know you have acknowledged and appreciated but leave out enough that conveys you expect more. Push , make them want to do more.

4) Speak to the front line employees - Always know what the guys at the front are thinking. Keep those lines open.

5) Dress appropriately - Enough to make people know you're organized and meticulous. Don't need to dazzle.

6) Actions - Be specific and precise in your actions. Every single one sets an example for your team.

7) Be early - Creates the impression that you are serious. Similarly reply on time, keep track of promises made etc. Always keep commitments, provide closure.

8) Be understanding and supportive - It is good to have genuine care for people. They will give their life for you. Just as it is good to believe that they can

9) Share credit for team success, take blame for failures - Always do that.

10) Treat everyone equally - No favorites. That will undo everything.

That's my top 10 behaviors list. Add any that come to your mind. Also interesting to rate our leaders on the above.

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